Greet wildlife making Bakersfield home in a safe environment. At the California Living Museum (CALM) animals unable to survive in the wild are cared for in style with enclosures replicating authentic habitats. Well over 10 acres showcase 100 species known to be living in the California.

Trek the grounds and glimpse both domestic and wild creatures. Plan ahead and take a peek at the map before arriving. Visit with black bears, coyotes, bobcats and more majestic beasts. The raptor flies with grace and brings inspiration to those viewing his subtle form. A great horned owl is ready to impart wisdom if only his next door neighbor the curious raccoon would listen. The beaver busily builds his Bakersfield home next to the slimy and slithering residents of the reptile house.

Adventurers Living In Bakersfield Reach New Heights

At the Children’s Park farm animals can be interacted with. Feeding stations have food available in dollar increments. Here kids can discover the difference between a donkey and a burro and feel the similarities of the wool of the sheep and the coat of a goat. Hop aboard the Central California Children’s Railroad and chug chug around the property. Nearby there is a play area for kids to swing, slide and climb on.

Add to the adventure by accepting the Condor Challenge. This exhilarating rope course challenges participants with low and high obstacles. Admission to the course is separate from CALM, but those who accept the Condor Challenge receive complimentary admission to the zoo once their quest has been completed. After the ropes, soar to new heights on the climbing wall. Don’t be daunted by the 32 foot structure seeming to dare one and all to conquer its heights.

With CALM sitting just a few minutes east of downtown many living in Bakersfield enjoy family memberships to the zoo. Amenities include unlimited annual admission for two adults and up to six minor aged children or grandchildren. Additional membership packages include individual, business and lifetime levels. Making CALM a regular destination is easy to do. Find out more information on becoming a member by calling 661.872.2256.